French Carousel is devoted to designing, crafting, and offering exceptional garments for babies and toddlers, while providing the highest level of quality for comfort and enjoyment.

French Carousel respects labor by only choosing conscientious manufacturers and suppliers who respect fair trade, and the rights and dignity of their workers.  We only engage in fair trade labor, taking seriously the responsibility to positively impact lives.

French Carousel believes in helping to make our world a better and softer place for our little ones by giving back to our community organizations, 10% of our proceeds go to CASA ( child advocate organization )

Size Chart



Newborn  8-10 lbs
3 Months 11-12 lbs
6 Months 13-18 lbs
12 Months 19-23 lbs
18 Months 24-27 lbs
24 Months 27-29 lbs