All of our personalization is made here in America.  We apply vinyl to the garment with a heat-press machine. 

The Personalization Tool is to help you decide on your font, color, design. The goal is to give you a general idea of the final item.

Our team of designers will make your order according to your selection, but the size of the writing and the exact placement will be made according to the garment we are working on. Everything will be measured, centered and make proportional to your item.

For example, If you wrote something too long to fit on one line, we will make it on two lines. If you selected an angled  heart, we will position it (for aesthetic reasons) by the last letter of your wording. A regular heart will be centered underneath your word.

If you prefer for your item to be personalized in a very specific way, please notify us with all details by adding them to the "note to French Carousel" at checkout.

We are happy to send you a proof before finalizing your item, if you request it. Please tell us in the "note to French Carousel" at checkout.


What are the steps to personalizing an item? 

You will be directed, step-by-step, on how to proceed with personalization, by selecting  the options next to the garment:

1- Write your wording:
-We recommend a maximum of 25 characters, depending on the garment's size.
-Make multiple text line with Return/Enter key. Double or triple click for more spacing.
2- Select your font by scrolling down (we offer a selection of 10 fonts) 

3- Select the personalization's color

4- Some garments allow you to pick an optional little design ( usually a heart or a star). Click on the one you want - make sure it is underlined in black before submitting your personalization. 

5- Submit your PERSONALIZATION by clicking on "ADD TO CART"


Please read the details of your personalization in your cart. If something doesn't look right, always address your concern in the "note to French Carousel" on the checkout page.
 If you want to add a design or change the color of the design, please add the specifics in the note at checkout.   For example if you buy a hat, the personalization would be saved in your basket and you can just add at checkout in the note section "please add a little pink heart after my baby name".
It won't be any charge, unless the request required a big change in the process. Any question, please ask customer service directly by filling out the contact form.


FAQ about our personalization's options:

*How much personalization cost?

Regular personalization is already including in the price.

Custom order personalization's price depends on the work-- We will email you a specific quote to your project after discussing the exact requirement, time frame etc.


*Can I cancel or return personalized items?

Personalized items order cannot be cancelled, returned, or exchanged, unless due to a defect in the product.


*Can I have something personalized with a different color, or font, or design that what is offered? Can I have my business logo made on my gift?

Absolutely!  We have gold, antique silver, sparkles colors that we don't offer on regular personalization's option but that we can make upon request.

Please contact our customer service by clicking on "contact us" on the bottom of the main page, include all your specifications in your message and we will get back to you shortly with an answer.

The personalization fee might be revised depending on your request.

It might take more time for specific requirement to be done.

We will let you know how long before making it and will contact you as soon as it’s ready to be shipped.

*How long does it take to get my order personalized?

It usually takes up to 72 hours to personalize your order. You will be notified when your order has been completed and is ready to be shipped… 

*Can see a proof of the personalization?

Yes, if you request it by telling us in the "note to French Carousel" at checkout, we will be happy to email you photos before finalizing it.


French carousel reserves the right to decline any personalization that does not reflect our brand or/and our company’s philosophy.

Size Chart



Newborn  8-10 lbs
3 Months 11-12 lbs
6 Months 13-18 lbs
12 Months 19-23 lbs
18 Months 24-27 lbs
24 Months 27-29 lbs