Our Story

Marie Parker, the founder of French Carousel, grew up in France, where she studied art history and worked in the fashion industry in Paris before moving to the United States.

Marie’s inspiration for French Carousel was the memory of her childhood filled with infinite laughter, imaginary friends and magical worlds…

This is what French Carousel symbolizes and reflects in our selection of clothes and toys—a nostalgia of innocent childhood and happiness- a never-ending excitement that goes around and around…

The French Carousel collection is designed with our little ones in mind; bringing them to the world with an elegant French style of playful sophistication and top comfort to enjoy their busy little lives…

French Carousel's team is here to help you create the most unique clothes, and ever lasting gifts - Browse through out our personalizable collection to make your garment as unique as your little one! 

Size Chart



Newborn  8-10 lbs
3 Months 11-12 lbs
6 Months 13-18 lbs
12 Months 19-23 lbs
18 Months 24-27 lbs
24 Months 27-29 lbs