Care instructions

Our French Carousel collection is made in 100% Peruvian pima cotton, which offers a very luxurious quality. For its longevity, we do recommend hand washing or washing on a delicate machine cycle.

Always wash with alike colors.

Do not bleach.

We also suggest washing clothes daily after wear in order to prevent any stains from settling deep into the fiber of the fabric.

Use caution when ironing the personalization. It is best not to iron directly on the personalization as it will damage the vinyl.

You can iron the garment from the inside out or with a clean 100% cotton cloth on top of the print as a safer precaution.

Size Chart



Newborn  8-10 lbs
3 Months 11-12 lbs
6 Months 13-18 lbs
12 Months 19-23 lbs
18 Months 24-27 lbs
24 Months 27-29 lbs